A well-known fashion geek, Heat star Dwyane Wade has announced a huge sale on his clothes. That's right: Wade is taking trunkloads of clothes out of his own closet and putting them up for sale online.

If that sounds like Wade is desperate for money, don't worry. The three-time NBA champion is actually seeing those items to raise money for his charitable foundation, Wade's World.

According to the website where the clothes are being sold, items are going fast. A tougher sale are pairs of Wade's size 15 shoes, which have a tough market in terms of buyers who can actually fill them. Here's a look back at Wade's trend-setting fashions over the past year.

Dwyane Wade's Fashion Sense


Seen here with hip hop artist ASAP Ferg, Dwyane Wade always try to dress his best.


The NBA enforces a dress code among its players that requires them to wear business attire to games. That's never been a problem for Wade.


Part of Wade's embrace of the fashion world can be credited to his relationship with actress Gabrielle Union. The couple tied the know over the summer.


The proceeds from Wade's current clothes sale will benefit his foundation, Wade's World. In this photo, Wade is seen attending a dinner for his charitable organization.


Wade made a dressy appearance at this years' Kids' Choice awards, hosted by Nickelodeon.


Even when dressing casual, Wade has a fashion-forward approach.


Of course, sometimes those fashion choices can turn heads and draw stares -- even in pastel-soaked Miami, where this photo was taken.


Some would argue that Wade's fashion sensibilities have rubbed off on friend and former teammate LeBron James, himself one of the league's better-dressed individuals.


In this photo, Wade arrives dressed to the nines to play at San Antonio in the NBA Finals.


Wade's jacket in this photo is a throwback to sports jackets from the 1980s and earlier.


Wade arrives to play the Indiana Pacers in last season's NBA Eastern Conference Finals.


In this photo, Wade joined then-girlfriend Gabrielle Union to host a party at Miami's Pearl Lounge.


Wade with Union and friends Brock and Tymeka Lawrence at a party over NBA All-Star Weekend earlier this year.


Piggy-backing on the name recognition of the legendary Beatles, Wade and his teammates were sometimes referred to as "The Heatles."


Wade outside his locker at the 2014 NBA All-Star Game.


Wade and Union outside a party hosted by GQ and teammate LeBron James.


Wade's bright yellow loafers stood out at this fundraising event.


This was Wade's outfit of choice for his own birthday party, which was thrown for him by LeBron James.


Wade and Union dance at a separate birthday party thrown one week earlier in Miami.


Wade sat out 28 regular-season games last season, mostly o keep himself fresh for the playoffs. He always joined the team on the bench wearing a suit.


Whether dressing for publicity or walking the streets of Manhattan alone, Wade always dresses for the occasion.


As with any fashion-minded person, not every outfit is universally praised.


Wade appears on the streets of Miami last winter.


Dressed in a red shirt and pants, Wade does interviews with some young journalists over NBA All-Star weekend.


Wade walks on the court before a regular-season game last season.

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