Even with LeBron James racking up tens of millions of followers on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, never before have fans had as much access to the four-time MVP as they will on a new app appropriately called "LeBron."

Samsung on Thursday released the app, an unprecedented and all-access look at the Heat star's daily life. While he has been known to take a break from social media during the playoffs, James will be updating fans on his style, diet and daily thoughts through his new app.

The app is divided into four sections: Athlete, NBA playoffs, style and journey. Athlete focuses on James' pre-game and post-game routine (fans can watch a video of him doing Pilates), NBA playoffs has highlight clips and stats, style includes photos of James' best looks while journey consists of video and photo of James at home and doing charity work.

Samsung's New 'LeBron' App Gives Users Unprecedented Access To The Heat Star Slideshow



The new app allows fans to follow the NBA's best player during his quest for a third consecutive NBA title.


NBA Playoffs

This section includes stats, highlights videos and box scores.



Here fans can find videos of pre- and post-game workouts.



James posts all of his colorful and creative outfit choices in this tab.



Fans can choose from a number of different wallpaper options.

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Essentially anything a fan would want to find out about James during the playoffs, he or she can see on this app.

"This is typically a time on social media where he goes dark," Jason Todd, who leads product management for sports initiatives at Samsung, told ThePostGame. "So if you want to experience LeBron throughout the payoffs, this app is really the way to get what you want to know."

The app is a continuation of Samsung's two-year partnership with James. The company has worked with James on several ads and even helped change his commercial trajectory with this one:

James was very active on the app during the Heat's first-round sweep of the Charlotte Bobcats. He posted pre-game meals and outfits as well as his daily routine and motivational messages.

"The NBA Playoffs are already so compelling," Maverick Carter, James’ business manager and partner, said in a statement. "And I think fans are going to love an opportunity to go even deeper."

The app is free and available for Galaxy S5, Galaxy S4, Galaxy S III, Galaxy Note 3, and Galaxy Note II devices.