The selfie trend has not circumvented the sports world. Instead like most cultural phenomenons it has been embraced and enhanced by athletes and fans.

Being the social media mavens that they are, pros (and their followers) have posted some extremely memorable images to Twitter and Instagram.

Some, like David Ortiz's photo with President Barack Obama, were the source of significant controversy. Others, like Fox Sports reporter Kelly Nash's Fenway Park picture, are notable because of what's going on in the background.

Here are some of the more memorable selfies from the past year.

The Most Memorable Sports Selfies Slideshow


David Ortiz, President Barack Obama

This photo quickly went from being cute and spontaneous to criticized and controversial. The White House lashed out at Ortiz and Samsung for using the president in an ad and will now have much stricter policies on presidential selfies.


Fox Sports Reporter Kelly Nash

Thankfully, the baseball missed Nash by just a few inches.


Devils Winger Jaromir Jagr

Here is Jaromir Jagr performing a photobomb, which shall hereafter be called a Jagrbomb.


LeBron James

Four MVP awards, two gold medals and killer abs. Is there anything this guy doesn't have?


Kayleigh Hill and Friends

A girl named Kayleigh Hill and a few of her friends crashed the party at the College World Series in Omaha. Hill documented the entire experience, and while she later had to delete her tweets, her fearlessness made for some hilarious images.


Wojciech Szczęsny, Kieran Gibbs, Lukas Podolski

The Arsenal players drew heavy criticism for taking this celebratory selfie after beating Chelsea.


San Antonio Spurs

Who said Gregg Popovich's players are boring?


Tim Miles

The Nebraska basketball coach and social media enthusiast -- he posts a tweet every game -- posed with a court-rushing fan after the Huskers knocked off No. 17 Ohio State. The photo came out blurry, so here's a different perspective on the selfie.


Dale Earnhardt Jr., Dale Earnhardt Sr.

Shortly after winning the 2014 Daytona 500, Junior took this heartwarming picture with the statue of his father at Daytona.


Brittany Schussler and Vladimir Putin

Canadian speedskater Brittany Schussler found herself in hot water after taking this selfie with the controversial Russian president. She deleted her initial tweet but the photo remains.

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