By Darren Rovell

It's the end of the NFL regular season, and that means it's time to find out who is among the most popular players this season. In a year where the National Football League was embroiled in its longest labor dispute ever, the popularity of this multibillion-dollar sports juggernaut has still managed to grow.

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Slideshow: Best-Selling NFL Jerseys

An important component of football merchandising is jersey sales — which can be seen as a proxy for the most popular players in the sport. It's better than a poll because people have voted with their wallets. Each year, releases the best-selling jerseys in the NFL and its list is presented here. This following represents jersey sales from April 1 to Dec. 31. The 2011 list published first on

So, which NFL jerseys are this year's best sellers? Check out the slideshow to find out:

Click here for CNBC's complete slideshow of the Best-Selling NFL Jerseys.

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