1. Sad Sack

If you can get past the NSFW language and the crusty lips, there's some serious comedic gold in this poor Iggles fan's rant. Pretty sure he already has high blood pressure, though, Eagles losses or not.

3. Gridiron Gangstas

Bills wide receiver Naaman Roosevelt and safety Domonic Cook rap. Poorly, but thanks to the Internet that doesn't matter. I'm not sure whether "Grind Hard" is the name of the song or the group, but ... either way.

4. Golasollllllllll

Darlington Nagbe, the second overall pick in the last MLS Draft, buries this ridiculous goal off of a volley. The commentator could've butchered the whole moment, but he actually adds to it. Goal of the year, and name of the year.

5. Sense Of Humor

Life is pretty terrible for anybody involved with the Colts this year. They probably won't win a game. All that sucking, combined with Peyton Manning already being replaced by the media with Andrew Luck, has produced some hilarious results. Namely people rumoring that Peyton could take the newly vacant Ole Miss job. Manning said it best when asked about it: "I'm 0-10 as an assistant with the Colts."

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