Harvard, we have a problem. Just when things were beginning to look good in the PR department, the Ivy League school that gave us Mark Zuckerberg and eight presidents (or is it the other way around?) has laid a holier-than-thou egg (or oeuf, in Crimson-speak).

The Cambridge institution was riding high with the mostly favorable depiction in "The Social Network" and then the rise of superstar alum and Bills quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick. But now, on the eve of the annual Yale tilt, Harvard is selling sleeveless jerseys bragging "We Are The 6%" For you petty state schoolers, that's the acceptance rate at Harvard.

Nothing like hitting the third rail of populist sentiment by adding your own snobby take on the "We Are The 99%" movement designed to highlight the gap between rich and poor in this country. We get it, Harvard: You are the 1 percent, destined to go to Wall Street and "occupy" a locker at a tony Connecticut country club. Fore!

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Oh but it gets worse. The site selling the jersey encourages fans at the game to "show off those guns." Please, please, please don't. The only "guns" worth showing off in Harvard history (besides maybe Fitzpatrick's) belonged to Teddy Roosevelt. Nobody wants to see Zuckerberg-types walking around in a "pinnie." (No offense, Mark! Share this story on Facebook!)

Look, Harvard has brought America some amazing leaders. It has a beautiful campus. And the burgers at Bartley's are epic. But try some self-deprecation, guys. "Occupy Yale" on the front is OK. But may we suggest something else on the back?

Like, say, "We Are The Winklevii."

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