Red Nose Day might be the biggest attempt at viral charitable fundraising since the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge last summer. The drive, launched by Walgreens, is attempting to raise money through the sale of red clown noses for one dollar, with the proceeds going toward efforts to lift kids out of poverty.

Vague as the campaign's goals may be, it is gaining a lot of traction, thanks in large part to celebrity endorsements and involvement.

In a video published Thursday, Walgreens sent Shaquille O'Neal onto the neighborhood streets with not much more than but a red nose, an ice cream truck and a hoarse voice to call the local children.

Shaq uses ice cream handouts to bribe kids into wearing the red noses, suggesting that the campaign is more about awareness than fundraising, even if fundraising is pointed to as its primary goal.

It's hard not to see the campaign as much more than a way for Walgreens to build good sentiments among consumers. Consider how Walgreens seem to get as much mention and face-time as the "less fortunate kids" Shaq is hustling to help out.

Even so, it's fun to see Shaq hitting the streets and interacting with kids 1/13 of his size. Plus, with the ice cream truck, it looks like Shaq finally found a vehicle that fits his oversized frame.

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