Don't blame yourself if the name Bismack Biyombo doesn't ring a bell. The fourth-year NBA veteran comes off the bench for the Charlotte Hornets and manages only a modest on-court contribution. His career averages of 4.3 points and six rebounds are far from fawn-worthy.

But outside of being an average NBA player, Biyombo is a world-class citizen. The Zaire native has used his status and fortune as a professional basketball player to launch charity projects and basketball camps benefiting his home country and other communities in need around the world.

And in Chicago on Wednesday night, after the Hornets notched a victory against the Bulls, Biyombo had a chance encounter that he managed to turn into another act of service. It's best told in Biyombo's own words:

Maybe you can't count on Biyombo to hit a 15-footer or kick it out to an open man in the corner. But at least he's making good use of his privileged standing.

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