The NCAA East regional final was already decided by the time there were six seconds left in the game. Connecticut was up by eight points, and Huskies forward Niels Giffey was at the free throw line.

Curiously, Michigan State coach Tom Izzo called a timeout after Giffey's first free throw. Even in a sport known for crazy comebacks, scoring eight points in six seconds would be impossible for the Spartans. (And the lead became nine after Giffey made his second free throw.)

So, what was Izzo's intention with this final timeout?

To let the Huskies and all their fans at Madison Square Garden enjoy the moment.

What a classy move by Izzo. Even with his team about to suffer a crushing loss in a game that it led with less than two minutes left, and with his Final Four streak about to end, the future Hall of Famer wanted to reward the Huskies for their play.

Izzo has taken advantage of late timeouts before. Earlier this season he grabbed the mic during a stoppage in play to thank longtime referee Ed Hightower.

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