As a peripheral victim of the cyber attack on Sony, Mark Cuban knows first-hand the negative effects brought on by information leaks.

But Cuban would argue he already saw the potential for such PR disasters well in advance. That's why the Dallas Mavericks owner steers clear of email when communicating with his players, coaches and other team staff.

"When you send a text or email (you) lose ownership of the message but not responsibility," Cuban explains to For the Win. "Any email or text you have ever sent -- even the most innocent or benign -- could be forwarded, posted on social media, or shown to someone out of context."

Cuban has been exposed in the Sony leak of blasting an offer to appear on upcoming episodes of "Shark Tank" due to what he considered a low-ball on compensation.

"no chance... this is beyond an insult," Cuban wrote.

But the billionaire has no problem with that email being exposed, saying that leaks come with the risk of online communication. Security liabilities were also the impetus for Cuban's recently released app, Cyber Dust, which offers a secure platform for communication.

With Cyber Dust, messages are deleted soon after they are read. They can't be stored or copied down. If someone tries to take a screen-capture of the content, the sender is notified.

Cuban says he had already switched to using Cyber Dust more frequently before the Sony hack occurred, which saved him from potentially more damaging press.

But the Mavericks owner also has a preference for direct, face-to-face communication. Says Cuban: "You can be blunt, honest and direct."

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