The WWE has plenty of fantasy football enthusiasts with The Miz and Kofi Kingston being two of the more dedicated participants. Here are some of their thoughts about playing fantasy:

The Miz
On his fantasy chops:
Last year I won the Sirius XM Celebrity Fantasy league beating people that actually do this for a living. I beat the guru John Hansen, Scott Angle, Jerry Cantrell from Alice in Chains. I killed everyone. Not only that, but in the WWE league, I won the first year I was in and came in second last year on a fluke. I have all my fantasy teams on my phone and I'm looking at them while I'm concentrating on my match. But my team is always setup before Sunday, so all they have to do is perform, and normally they do because I know what I'm doing.

Fantasy sleepers:
I have a couple out there that I think are going to storm out there and do something. I think Jake Locker is actually going to win the starting bid and if he doesn't win the starting gig the first week, he will be in the middle of the season and will be an incredible asset for you. Peyton Hillis, who had a terrible year last year, now he's group together with his old offensive line coach and I think he's going to do incredible along with Jamaal Charles. I don't think Jamaal Charles is a sleeper by anybody's means, but I think Peyton Hillis has fallen so those two are ones you might want to take in the later rounds."

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On the Cleveland Browns:
Listen to me, not poor Cleveland Browns anymore. Did you see [Brandon] Weeden today? Weeden was killing it. He was on-point. The boy is for real. We have a whole new team. We have Weeden at quarterback, who I think is going to be incredible. We have T-Rich. T-Rich is the next AP. He's the next Adrian Peterson. We got Gordon in the second round, who people basically predicted would go in the first round of next's year draft. Boom. Greg Little is back. [Montario] Hardesty has it been killing it lately and then Travis Benjamin. We have a whole new team. The line is sick. The defense has struggled just a little bit because we have too many injuries, however we're going to go 8-8. You heard it here first. And that, to a Cleveland fan, is like gold.

Kofi Kingston
On his Fantasy participation:
We actually have a league with the WWE magazine that happens every year. The past couple of years, actually I don't want to talk about last year, but the year before that I placed second. I'm always in the top tier.

On what Sundays during the NFL season are like for WWE stars:
It's tough. We actually usually find a TV, I'm not sure how we find it, but there's always a TV in the arena. In between matches, we will be watching the games going on. Especially playoff season, we always have to find ways to support our teams. I'm a Patriots guy, so I had to be up in there.

How do you guys draft since you're always on the road?
We have two days off at home. Usually the draft will be held on a Wednesday or Thursday. It has to be, otherwise we are on the road and won't have the time to do it.

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