As a part-owner of the Sacramento Kings, Shaquille O'Neal was sent to China to take part in the NBA Global Games. During his visit, Shaq had the chance to sit down with Yao Ming, who for a few short years was seen as O'Neal's top big man rival.

While it took Yao several years to get into top form, he became a dominant big man that had a lean build and a unique skill set that could cause trouble for Shaq. The two stars met in the postseason on many occasions. But according to Shaq, it was years before the two ever spoke -- mostly because he never knew Yao could.

"One time I shot a shot on you baseline, you said 'nice shot' in perfect English," Shaq says in the video conversation. "I look at you and I say, 'You speak English?' and you say, 'Yeah, you never asked me.'"

In fairness to Shaq, Yao may have been deliberately deceiving his opponents. The former Rockets big man said he used players' assumption that he didn't know English to his advantage.

"Maybe sometimes you talk to a teammates about a game plan, I can sneak around and listen a little bit," Yao says.

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