Frank Caliendo is on a roll right now. In the past year, he unveiled a 30 For 30 mockumentary and a Best of the NFL program for ESPN. Then this summer his Morgan Freeman rendition of LeBron James' Decision 2.0 letter might have been his best work.

Caliendo is back with the Morgan Freeman impressions. Appearing with ESPN Radio's Mike & Mike on Thursday, Caliendo went back into Lucius Fox/Red Redding/John Rawlins form. This time, Caliendo read Allen Iverson's "Practice" rant in Freeman's voice.

A decade ago, if Caliendo told someone he would make a living primarily from doing sports impressions, he would have been considered crazy. The comedian has certainly found a niche (or, should we say, he's found his "answer").

For old time's sake, here is Iverson's 2002 rendition. Cue Larry Brown cringing.

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