A man who claims he was punched by Scottie Pippen at a restaurant near Los Angeles last month filed a $4 million civil suit against the former Chicago Bulls star, representatives for his lawyer told ThePostGame on Thursday.

Camran Shafighi, 49, claims he is still suffering from dizziness and other symptoms from the fight. The luxury car dealer said he has been hospitalized twice since the fight, which left him unconscious for hours.

"One of his biggest anxieties right now is that he's unable to run his business," said his lawyer, Lee Boyd. "He's 49 years old and in his prime earning years and has a family to support."

Shafighi claims that the trouble began when he spotted Pippen at Nobu, a popular restaurant in Malibu, California, and asked him for autograph for his girlfriend's son. Pippen said no, but told him he couldn't stop him from taking a picture with his cell phone. After snapping one, according to the suit, he returned to his seat.

When Pippen began to leave, Shafighi went to ask for his autograph again, in the hopes he would be more willing to sign something when he wasn't dining with his friends. Instead Pippen allegedly replied, "If you don't back up, I'm going to kick your a--." He then, Shafighi claims, brutally attacked him.

According to the suit, Shafighi was unconscious for six hours after the alleged assault and continues to experience symptoms from his injury in the fight.

"While police are continuing to investigate the facts that led up to the beating, we do know this: After Mr. Pippen knocked our client to the ground with a single blow to the head, he continued to kick his defenseless victim in the head, chest, and body while he lay on the ground," Boyd said. "He then fled the scene before he could be interviewed by police, leaving behind an unconscious man behind on the pavement ... "

Since the encounter, which quickly became tabloid fodder last month, differing versions have come out. Sources close to Pippen reportedly told TMZ last month that it was Shafighi who became aggressive, spit on his young daughter and called him a racial slur. Throughout the night, according to reports, Shafighi was drunk and peppered the former star with questions.

Shafighi, through Boyd, denied Pippen's allegations.

"He's very bothered by the untruths," Boyd said.

The assault is being investigated by police, but charges have not yet been filed. Sheriff's officials told the Los Angeles Times that Pippen was cooperating during the interview and witnesses supported his story that Shafighi was intoxicated. Boyd said she had not interviewed any witnesses who said her client had acted out of the ordinary.

"There is no evidence that he was acting any other way than like a father of three, sitting at a table with (friends)," she added.

Pippen's lawyer, Mark Geragos, did not immediately return a request for comment.