Kids do the darndest things -- just ask NBA star Carlos Boozer.

He might play for the Chicago Bulls, but that doesn't mean his kids don't like the arch rival Miami Heat.

During Sunday's rematch of the 2011 Eastern Conference Finals, ABC cameras caught Boozer's sons cheering for their old man's opponent. The TV shot panned Boozer's family in the crowd, where his sons were clearly seen rooting for LeBron James' team while an embarrassed mom was spotted laughing.

CBS Sports reported the kids got caught up in the moment, joining South Florida fans chanting "Let's Go Heat" during the fourth quarter of a back and forth game that was eventually won by the Heat, 97-93.

Boozer had just 10 points and nine rebounds for the Bulls in the loss.

"If I'm pops and I'm watching this film, if my kid is yelling, 'Let's go Heat' like we just saw, I've got a problem," said broadcaster and former NBA coach Jeff Van Gundy during the telecast, according to "You can't go against pop's team ... we would have a long talk."

Boozer has three children, including twins. One of the kids, Carmani, had a bone marrow transplant in 2007 to treat sickle-cell disease.

Boozer himself was once accused of a much more serious brand of disloyalty. After his second year in Cleveland -- playing alongside James -- he left for Utah after supposedly reaching a commitment to stay with LeBron and the Cavs.

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