Ferris Bueller is back! OK, maybe he is or maybe he isn't, but a 10 second Super Bowl teaser hit the web with Matthew Broderick seemingly reprising the character that made him famous and listing Feb. 5 as the day to find what happens next.

Of course, the natural inclination of any fan of the beloved movie from the 80s is to hope this is the first hint that a sequel is in the works, but that seems unlikely. These things tend to get out ahead of time, before commercials can triumphantly announce their arrival. Even if it is a commercial for some random product you probably hate, it doesn't mean you can't be slightly excited about this tease:

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Sure, you'll be slightly horrified when it turns out that Ferris has grown up and is peddling the product of the yuppies he so openly mocked during his romp through Chicago as a teenager, but you also won't be that surprised. Does that mean this could backfire? Totally. Will it? Probably not, whatever it is. People love their nostalgia, and for a lot of people, "Ferris Bueller's Day Off" was a landmark in their life.

So here's hoping the commercial is great, doesn't tout a product that completely conflicts with the persona Ferris cultivated and we all eat a little sausage and pancreas in his honor. OK, maybe not pancreas. But you get it.

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