Aaron Rodgers and his Green Bay Packers have a surprising supporter on their road to perfection. The boys from Titletown USA are 9-0, following Monday Night's smashing of the Vikings, and will be favored in all of their remaining regular-season games.

The 1972 Miami Dolphins are are the only team to make it all the way through the regular season (14-0) and playoffs (3-0) with a perfect record, and they've also been known to raise a glass to celebrate after the last unbeaten team falls into the dreaded "L" column each year. However, this season could be different.

Former running back Mercury Morris says he's planning a victory toast if the Packers join his '72 Dolphins in the unbeaten club. Despite trashing the Patriots' bid for perfection during the 2007 season, Morris tells Fox Sports Florida he's a fan of the cheeseheads and he's even preparing a special gift for Rodgers.

"I like [the Packers]," Morris told Fox Sports. "If they get to 10-0, which they probably will, I'm going to send [quarterback] Aaron Rodgers one of my CDs. I have nothing but good things to say about the Packers. If they [end up] in our neighborhood, they're a credit to the sport. They don't have a bunch of guys out there who view themselves as entertainers."

Morris is referring to the Pats of a few years back. "I didn't like the way [the Patriots] came across [four years ago]," he said. "They thought it was just a formality [finishing 19-0] ... They were too much in your face. They wanted you to bow down to them and kiss the king's ring." (Which, of course, sounds like Morris himself.)

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Not all the '72 Dolphins agree. Defensive end Bill Stanfill and safety Dick Anderson both say they hope the record stands.

Bob Kuechenberg, an offensive lineman for that perfect squad, believes the Packers are a great team but "they're mortal." He also thinks that magical Miami team might not have been. "Nobody could conceive an undefeated season would ever have been done by mortals," said Kuechenberg. "Only Zeus, Greek gods and [coach] Don Shula have been able to do it."

Green Bay is winning by an average of 14.9 points per game this season, with bad weather games likely in December and January. The 1972 Dolphins beat opponents by an average of 15.2 points. Of course there were fewer teams back then, but there was also less national interest in football.

With 10 more wins needed, including the playoffs, don't expect the boys from the "toilet paper capital of the world," to flush away the perfect season anytime soon.

Several members of the 1972 Dolphins were featured in this brilliant Reebok commercial after the Giants upset the Patriots in the Super Bowl

The story of the greatness that was those 17-0 Dolphins.

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