Jordan Rodgers has fans. He accumulated most of them as he won Season 12 of "The Bachelorette," winning the heart of fiancée Joelle "JoJo" Fletcher.

But some fans know Jordan for his career on the gridiron, and that goes beyond being Aaron Rodgers' younger brother. After playing at Butte College, the junior college that Aaron also attended, Jordan transferred to Vanderbilt where he played two seasons in 2011 and 2012. As a senior, Rodgers led Vanderbilt to its first nine-win season since 1915.

Although undrafted, Rodgers had a legit shot at a pro football career.

"Vanderbilt was great," Rodgers says. "Won more games than any team did there in 97 years. That was fun to be a part of something different. And I, not almost made the league, I actually signed three contracts in the NFL, so I was a part of three different teams, played up in the CFL, but yeah, that was a good little chapter in my life. And then I like to tell people I maximized the talent I had to its full extent. I was never gonna be a guy that was gonna be like a Pro Bowler or anything like that. I maximized every ounce of talent I had."

Rodgers was an offseason or practice squad player for the Jaguars, Buccaneers and Dolphins during parts of 2013-2014. He then joined the BC Lions' practice squad in 2015. Rodgers never played an NFL or CFL game.

"I think I traveled farther than any human being could for professional football," he says. "I went from Miami, Florida, to Vancouver, Canada. Not many places that are that far apart."

After football, Rodgers made a cameo in Pitch Perfect 2 with a group of Aaron's Packers teammates and he looked into roles in broadcasting. He found his way onto the cast of The Bachelorette when it aired May-August 2016. Unlike some contestants who apply for the gig, Rodgers got a call from ABC.

"It just kinda came out of nowhere," he remembers. "A lot of people go through an entire process that's months long. I got a call five days before filming started. I had no idea what it was about, just [went] on and took a leap of faith and yeah, I'd do it again."

The SEC Network introduced Rodgers as analyst on Aug. 2, 2016, the day after the world watched him propose to Fletcher on The Bachelorette season finale. He's in his third season on the job. But maybe he can finagle his talent and visibility into another role on the football field? After all, with the XFL coming back and the Alliance of American Football starting, there are some extra pro jobs opening up.

"Not a chance, are you kidding?" Rodgers says with a laugh. "This arm, after surgeries, it doesn't work the same way. I get out there and throw it every now and again and I'm like eh, it's a good thing I'm on this side now."

The world won't get a Jordan Rodgers football return, but we can still reminisce about the past. Rodgers was perhaps closest to getting on an NFL field in 2013 when he was 25 and joined the Bucs' practice squad in October, just after the team released Josh Freeman. Mike Glennon and Dan Orlovsky were the other quarterbacks on head coach Greg Schiano's depth chart that fall.

"I was a third quarterback all year and at one point our starter was hurt, so there was a chance that as the young guy, I'd have a chance to play," Rodgers remembers. "If our coaches never got fired, I would have been in there and had more of an opportunity, but that's football. 

"If you are getting signed and you are getting paid to be in the NFL, they obviously think you have a chance of being something. So you always have that opportunity until you prove that you can't. But that's the thing in the NFL. They were trying out new quarterbacks every week. If it was Tuesday and there weren't new quarterbacks in there, they liked me, I guess, as long as until they didn't have a job."

Although football isn't what necessarily made Jordan Rodgers famous, it is still his passion and his career. For Rodgers' gig at SEC Network, he spends his fall traveling around the Southeast, appearing on the channel to preview games during the week before going into the broadcast booth on weekends as a color commentator. Rodgers and Fletcher are based in Dallas.

Rodgers is so invested in his job, he doesn't have time to watch much TV. This may surprise some people.

"I had never watched the show -- still haven't," Rodgers says of The Bachelor/Bachelorette franchise.

"I don't have time to watch," he adds. "I have too much film and football to watch, so yeah, I don't want to watch too much reality TV."

Fair, but does JoJo watch?

"She tries to," Rodgers says. "We travel a ton. She's busy with work. I'm busy with work. She tries to watch it if we can. I think we have 'em recorded, so sometimes we'll get through 'em, but I don't know if I've ever watched one live."

Mind blown.

Rodgers spoke to ThePostGame on behalf of Holiday Inn Express. Rodgers defeated fellow broadcasters Maria Taylor and Jesse Palmer in the brand's "READIST Breakfast Challenge," hosted by Paul Finebaum. His dish was the "7-on-7," a seven-layer stack of pancakes, sausage, bacon and eggs, plus a veggie omelet.

"I'm probably the biggest breakfast person in the world," Rodgers says. "It’s a big point of contention in my relationship because...I’m gonna be generous here...if it's before 1 p.m. and me and my fiancée are trying to figure somewhere to eat, it's still breakfast. She doesn't feel that way. She's not a big breakfast person, so I've been trying."

On the same day Rodgers sat down with ThePostGame, he and Fletcher announced they will return to reality TV together in Engaged with JoJo and Jordan, which debuted on Oct. 2.

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