Would you spend a day of your life waiting in line for basketball sneakers?

LeBron James' new Nike shoes sure drew a crowd. LeBron's eight "Miami Nights" shoes are set to be released Friday, and a large crowd lined up outside the Niketown store in Miami on Thursday to get their hands on the gear.

CBS 4 Miami reports a large percentage of those waiting spent all night in line, some waiting as long as 24 hours.

While LeBron's popularity took a hit after his embarrassing performance against the Dallas Mavericks in the NBA Finals, these fans weren't really waiting in line to show support for the Miami Heat star. This was just business.

Those that waited all night for the sneakers didn't even come away with the magical high-tops. Instead they got a wristband to guarantee a pair of the new LeBron shoes Friday.

The shoes retail for close to $150 per pair, with a majority of those fans in line looking to make a quick profit by turning around and selling the shoes on eBay for as much as $700.

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