The Midwest takes a pounding in GQ's ranking of the 20 Worst Sports Franchises of All Time as it is home for the bottom three selections.

The feature in the October issue chronicles the bad decisions and bum luck that have plagued these perennially pained teams. In countdown fashion, the medal stand of misfortune spotlights ... the Chicago Cubs, Detroit Lions and Every Cleveland Sports Franchise.

GQ writer Rob Tannenbaum itemizes many of the scarring moments from Cleveland sports history but perhaps sums it best with this fact: "Between the Browns, the Indians, and the Cavaliers, Cleveland last celebrated a title four years before LeBron’s mother was born."

(And that doesn't even cover the brief NHL run of the Cleveland Barons, a team that lasted just two seasons before merging with the Minnesota North Stars.)

Based on this track record, Tannenbaum doesn't blame LeBron James for escaping to Miami.

The Los Angeles Clippers and the Charlotte Bobcats round out the bottom five. The respective owners, Donald Sterling and Michael Jordan, are cited as the source of misery.

Tannenbaum also includes defunct franchises from defunct leagues, such as the Washington Federals of the USFL, and provides compelling reasons for their inclusion.

For the complete rundown of sad-sack sporting outfits, go to

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