Usually Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports breaks NBA trade stories, but Tuesday night a huge deal was reported -- er, forecasted? -- on ESPN Mobile.

Underneath a fourth quarter score update from the Heat v. Magic game in Orlando, ESPN Mobile’s "The Lead" section informed fans of the following:

"Magic fighting back from double-digit deficit in Dwight Howard's home finale."

Is that so? Colby Wright flagged
the "report" and tweeted a screengrab. For good measure, he added the clever hashtag #hegone.

Are we to assume the All-Star Magic center is headed to the Nets before Thursday's trade deadline? Or perhaps the Amway Center will be closed for several months of renovations starting in the morning. At this point, it's hard to say.

Maybe ESPN knows something. Maybe this is an ill-timed joke. Maybe this is all just a big mistake.

Maybe we should direct-message Rob Lowe and ask him what's really going on.

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