The only thing more enjoyable than a Golden State Warriors game, it seems, is a Golden State Warriors plane ride.

Steve Kerr's squad has the best record in the NBA (41-9) and perhaps the best plane celebrations in the league. Thanks to forward Marreese Speights' Instagram, fans are able to witness the joyous sing-alongs that occur on their charter plane.

Here's one from November:

The song from this video, O.T. Genasis's "CoCo,” was later banned in celebrations because of its explicit nature.

The Warriors have since switched tunes but the celebrations remain great. Here's one from last month:

Among other things to notice, there's a pattern in both of these videos. The same four players are sitting at the table playing cards: David Lee, Draymond Green, Andrew Bogut and Stephen Curry. And they seem to be playing with a large amount of cash.

Perhaps cognizant of this trend, Bogut and Lee decided to have some fun with their roles in a recent Speights Instagram video. After beating the Philadelphia 76ers on Monday the Warriors celebrated by blasting Drake. Once again, Lee, Green, Bogut and Curry can be seen playing cards. But this time things are a little different -- Bogut appears to be sleeping while Lee tosses money at him.

However Bogut says he was not asleep (how could he be with the music blaring?) and this was actually a gag.

Well played, guys. With the Warriors boasting an MVP candidate (Curry) along with the best offense in the league (111 points-per-game), we should have many more of these plane celebrations to look forward to.

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