Originally scheduled to be released in November, Showtime's Kobe Bryant documentary titled Muse is now pegged to premiere in February. The network posted a new trailer to its YouTube page Friday.

In the one-minute clip, Bryant says he has "things I want to dive into and get off my chest." Just as he finishes saying that, the video cuts to a shot of a building that has "Courtroom One" marked above the door, which suggests Bryant may tackle the issue of his 2004 sexual-assault case in Colorado.

He continues by saying, "I don't have the patience to sit and write a book, so I'll do it this way. What I found through the process is that it became more than a documentary. It became therapy on film."

Here's the full trailer:

A different trailer came out in August, when the film was still on track for a November release. That one was entirely in black and white, and it focuses on his dedication and sacrifice to be a great player.

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