Where will LeBron James end up? That question will captivate this NBA off-season like it did in 2010, when James made his infamous Decision to team up with Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh in South Beach.

But there's a new negotiator at the table in 2014: Don Draper.

Draper, the lead character in AMC's Mad Men, pitches James on returning to the Cleveland Cavaliers in this Bleacher Report mash-up. It features the slick ad executive coaxing James with the nostalgia angle with pictures from his Cleveland days.

The video provides a good laugh while also reminding LeBron that there were good times in Cleveland for the two-time NBA champion. Of course, those two rings came in Miami, not Cleveland, but perhaps Draper is just the right man to give Heat president Pat Riley a run for his money this off-season in trying to land James.