Donald Sterling has unofficially assumed his role as societal punch line, and the new look fits the embattle Clippers owner well.

In an indication of just how far into disgrace he has fallen, Sterling, who was banned for life and fined $2.5 million by the NBA after tapes were released of him making racist statements, was brilliantly mocked over the weekend by both Justin Timberlake and John Kerry.

Timberlake, a minority owner of the Memphis Grizzlies, accepted the Top Artist honor in a video for the Billboard Music Awards. In the clip, Timberlake thanked everyone on earth ... except Donald Sterling.

Kerry, meanwhile, was speaking at Yale's commencement weekend when he included a jab at Sterling.

"You are graduating today as the most diverse class in Yale's long history," said the Secretary of State. "Or as they call it in the NBA, Donald Sterling's worst nightmare."

These jokes come just as news reports indicate Sterling is intent on not paying the mandated fine and suing the NBA.

Of course, Sterling still remains a hot topic for jokes in and around the NBA. Magic Johnson, one of the people at the center of the story, found some humor in the situation during a speech over the weekend at the National Restaurant Association Show in Chicago.

"These last two weeks, I don't know," said Johnson, who owns several restaurant and food services business. "I thought I should go back to the food service industry because these last two weeks have been unbelievable. But I'm glad to be here and even with that said, I still have a big smile on my face."