If you thought the NBA Slam Dunk Contest was underwhelming, you weren't the only one.

In what many considered a disappointing and confusing competition, John Wall and his Eastern Conference teammates came away with the win. Yet the head-scratching format had many people wishing for more dunks and more creativity.

The creative geniuses over at Dunkademics got the message. The team behind the viral video "36 Dunks Never Done In NBA All-Star Dunk Contest" have created another fantastic compilation. In the clip below, the West Coast Dreamers recreate some of the top slams from Sunday. That includes Paul George's 360-degree windmill and John Wall's double pump dunk.

And then the West Coast Dreams topped each of those slams with an ever better dunk.

Check it out:

See more great slams on the Dunkademics' YouTube channel.