Normally, when we bring you videos of basketball fans participating in a shooting contest at halftime of a game, the person is a talented shooter. Or at least they make a ridiculous shot and win a crazy prize.

Well, this isn't one of those videos.

You see, the man featured in this video is a poor shooter. In fact, he struggles to make a basket. But other than that minor detail, everything else about him is fantastic.

During a game in Serbia between KK Partizan and KK Igokea, this guy made his way onto the court to try a few shots. As it turns out, he's pretty bad. But, perhaps to compensate for his poor shooting, he proceeds to take his shirt off and work the crowd like a pro.

Give this guy credit. Not only does he remove his shirt multiple times, he even tries a shot while the team is warming up. He also high-fives a security guard, kisses a man who may be the team's coach and gets lots of love from his fellow fans.

Well played, sir.

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(H/T to Total Pro Sports)