Nik Stauskas has more than accepted his bizarre new nickname. He's embraced it and turned it into a business opportunity.

The Sacramento Kings rookie guard was mistakenly called "Sauce Castillo" on the closed captioning following a three-pointer he hit against the Philadelphia 76ers on March 24. The announcer said, "Stauskas, hitting the three," but the closed captioning read, "Sauce Castillo hit the three."

Here's the video:

Fans embraced the new nickname and created numerous memes:

Before long Stauskas himself was laughing at his new moniker:

The rookie and his team embraced it, and April 5 was ""Sauce Castillo" night in Sacramento. The team gave away 16,000 bottles of hot sauce, some of which were signed by Stauskas.

Even though the condiment is a little too spicy for his taste, Stauskas has taken the next step and licensed the creation of an actual brand of hot sauce. The 21-year-old, who is averaging just 4.2 points, announced a partnership with Musashi Foods:

Hopefully the hot sauce goes well with popcorn, because Stauskas is rolling in both.

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