Barack Obama is the most basketball-crazed U.S. president we've had in a while -- probably ever. His staff is filled with former college basketball players, and he claims the Chicago Bulls as his favorite sports team.

Even his brother-in-law, Craig Robinson, is a college basketball coach, having served stints at both Brown and Oregon State.

Obama also enjoys a good game of pick-up ball. But, as he explained in the latest podcast episode of WTF with Marc Maron, the White House has not been kind to his game.

"I used to play basketball more," Obama says. "But these days, I've gotten to the point where it's not as much fun because I'm not as good as I used to be, and I get frustrated.

"I was never great, but I was a good player and I could play seriously. Now I'm one of these old guys who's running around."

Obama famously spent both Election Days playing pick-up ball with Scottie Pippen and other former basketball players in Chicago, using the game as a distraction from the day's frenzy.

But those games have been few and far between, and Obama now sees himself as a liability.

"The guys I play with -- who are all a lot younger -- they sort of pity me and sympathize with me," he says. "They tolerate me, but we all know I'm the weak link on the court, and I don't like being the weak link."

In fairness to Obama, though, he is 53. Not to say he's old, but at a certain point, you should probably expect your game to decline.

You can listen to the full hour-long interview with Obama on the WTF website.

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