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Paul Giamatti, Alex Rodriguez

"Billions" closed its second season this past Sunday, with a finale that -- spoiler -- left Chuck Rhoades Jr. feeling like a champion and Bobby Axelrod feeling unloved and less powerful. Season 3  of the Showtime series should feature Axelrod fighting his case while Rhoades attempts to run for governor of New York.

Although the season is over, that does not mean the conversation about "Billions" content is. We can always compare the cast to professional athletes, as we did below.

If the article makes you dehydrated, try a little Ice Juice.

Bobby Axelrod: LeBron James

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Axe is The Chosen One. He's a hedge fund manager from a humble background who is ruthless in the business world. He takes every competitive advantage possible to be the best at what he does. James maneuvered to formulate the Big Three in Miami and then shifted the NBA balance of power to Cleveland, using the media to push his agenda (and desire to trade for Kevin Love). Both Axe and LeBron will have legacies tainted by their questionable tactics, but both insist they operated within the fair boundaries of their respective fields.

Chuck Rhoades Jr.: Alex Rodriguez

© 2016 Showtime / Drew Hallowell/Getty Images Chuck Rhoades Jr.: Alex Rodriguez

During the series, Chuck has piled up corrupt political deals and exchanged favors across multiple offices in New York and Washington D.C. He has little shame in pushing his agenda and burns a handful of bridges along the way. However, Chuck has a strong ability to maintain a popular public profile, and for Season 3, he has set the stage to run for governor of New York. A-Rod's MLB career featured two PED sagas, public infidelities and a deteriorated friendship with Derek Jeter. But even now, Rodriguez pounds away at shaping his image. He has become the darling of Fox's MLB coverage, is dating Jennifer Lopez and engages in humanitarian work. As polarizing as Chuck and A-Rod can be, their careers never seem to die.

Lara Axelrod: Kevin Durant

© 2016 Showtime / Ezra Shaw/Getty Images Lara Axelrod: Kevin Durant

For all of the first season and the beginning of the second season, Lara is staunchly loyal to Bobby and his risky lifestyle. But as the season progresses, Lara loses trust in Bobby. Feeling like she can be successful elsewhere, Lara shifts her money and focus toward Mo. Lara can end up with half of Axe's total worth and live a much freer life moving forward. But she is also shying away from the challenge of standing by her husband as he fights his case. You know, she's kind of like another athlete who left his partner-in-crime and a challenge for an easier setting.


Wendy Rhoades: Tom Brady

© 2016 Showtime / Al Bello/Getty Images Wendy Rhoades: Tom Brady

Wendy sees the world clearer than almost any other character on TV. During her brief tenure as an independent psychiatrist at the beginning of Season 2, powerful individuals line up to seek Wendy's advice for how to win. No one does a better job making his or her teammates better than Wendy. Wendy can turn nobodies into somebodies, talented individuals into powerful individuals and former superstars into superstars again. Brady has seen the field better than any player the past two decades. He's made no-name receivers into household names, turned good receivers into Pro Bowlers and revived the careers of stars (see: Moss, Randy). Offensive players sign with the Patriots to win, not attain personal glory.

Bryan Connerty: Bradley Beal

© 2016 Showtime / Elsa/Getty Images Bryan Connerty: Bradley Beal

Beal has been good enough to be the star of an NBA team for a number of years now, but he continues to play second fiddle to John Wall. Although Beal is better at scoring in bunches, he needs Wall to maximize his skills. Beal has been in the spotlight so long it is hard to believe he is still only 23. He still has time to evolve into an All-Star if he is patient. By the end of Season 1, it was clear Connerty, Chuck's right-hand man, was ready for more responsibility beyond what Chuck could provide. Connerty took one more season to hone his skills and he's now set to be his own boss in Season 3.

Mike "Wags" Wagner: Scottie Pippen

© 2016 Showtime / Jonathan Daniel /Allsport Mike

Metta World Peace and Lance Stephenson were also considered here due to Wags' brash nature, but the end of Season 2 lends him more to a Pippen comparison. For the first 23 episodes of the series, Wags is Axe's loyal right-hand man, knowing his place behind the star, but taking firm responsibility as the team's No. 2. Now, Wags is in total 1993-94 Pippen mode. With Michael Jordan going to the baseball diamond, Pippen was forced to lead the three-time defending champions into unexpected terrain. Although the Bulls lost in the second round, Pippen made his first All-NBA first team, won an All-Star Game MVP and had career highs in points (22.0) rebounds (8.7) and steals (2.9). Wags is being asked to put up similar stats in Season 3.

Kate Sacker: Anthony Davis

© 2016 Showtime / Tom Pennington/Getty Images Kate Sacker: Anthony Davis

An incredibly driven young talent, Sacker, an assistant DA, has shown Chuck her immense skills and is just waiting for the right situation to use them for success. She is desired by the public and private sector, and at the end of Season 2, she is given the promotion she has been working 24 episodes for (head of criminal). Meanwhile, Davis is perhaps the NBA's best player under age 25, and now teaming with DeMarcus Cousins, he might have the necessary superstar to compete at the top of the NBA, moving forward.

Chuck Rhoades Sr.: Phil Jackson

© 2016 Showtime / Maddie Meyer/Getty Images Chuck Rhoades Sr.: Phil Jackson

Past his prime but desperately trying to be relevant, Chuck Rhoades Sr. is in a half-retired, half-active state. He sometimes rekindles his eye for financial success, manipulating the casino location and recognizing Ice Juice's potential, but he also easily lets up his guard and fails to relate to a more modern business world. His name recognition is important, but his skills are waning.

Hall: Patrick Beverley

© 2016 Showtime / Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images Hall: Patrick Beverley

Beverley is small, quiet and doesn't dominate the score sheet, but he can influence a game with his understated skills. Casual fans see James Harden dominate and may miss Beverley breaking down the opposing point guard. Axe gets the financial glory, but Hall is pulling strings in the background.

Taylor Mason: Connor McDavid

© 2016 Showtime / Codie McLachlan/Getty Images Taylor Mason: Connor McDavid

A prodigy advancing at an even faster rate than one would expect, Taylor has evolved into one of Axe Capital's most important leaders just a short time removed from an internship. Likewise, McDavid became the youngest captain in NHL history at the start of this season (19 years and 266 days) and in just his second year, he led the Oilers to their first playoff series win since 2006.

Orrin Bach: Andre Iguodala

© 2016 Showtime / Harry How/Getty Images Orrin Bach: Andre Iguodala

Past his prime, but still valuable, Iguodala has provided the Warriors with veteran leadership for the past few seasons. He is not made to be the face of the franchise, but the team wouldn't be where it is without Iguodala. Orrin's job as Axe's counsel is a monetary reward for years of hard work in law, but he also has the brains to fight all sorts of attacks that come Axe's way. Orrin is one of the few people who has desired skills that Axe lacks.

"Dollar" Bill Stearn: Ndamukong Suh

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A ruthless businessman, "Dollar" Bill is emotional and attempts to strike fear in his opponent. Even after spending time in prison, "Dollar" Bill continues to invest with questionable tactics. Suh has been suspended and fined multiple times, yet continues to play with a reckless approach. Both are two of the best at their craft, and they refuse to play nice with the opposition.

Mafee: JaVale McGee

© 2016 Showtime / Andy Lyons/Getty Images Mafee: JaVale McGee

Somewhat goofy and easy to make fun of, Maffee is easily mocked. But when it comes down to the thick of things at Axe Capital, the leaders recognize his potential and feed him responsibilities. Over time, his value to the company becomes more noticeable. NBA critics questioned the Warriors' signing of McGee before this season, but he has become a suitable bench option when called upon, whether Shaq thinks so or not.

Lonnie Watley: Vince Carter

© 2016 Showtime / Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports Lonnie Watley: Vince Carter

Lonnie is older than Bryan and Sacker, although he also considers himself a candidate for head of criminal role. As Season 2 progress, Lonnie acts as a role model to Bryan and especially Sacker, although the latter will get the job he wanted. Vince Carter is older than modern superstars Marc Gasol and Mike Conley, but he does his part in making their lives easier. He will not make another All-Star team, but he has proved he can still play in the NBA at 40.

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