Wisconsin Badgers

The Mannequin Challenge allegedly started at Edward H. White High School in Jacksonville, Florida, on Oct. 26. In two weeks, the fad, in which large groups of people collectively freeze at the same time, has spread around the world. In particular, the trend is being picked up by the sports world.

Most teams aced their videos, but some could use work.

Be the BYU gymnastics team, not Jerry Jones.

Pittsburgh Steelers:

New York Giants:

Buffalo Bills:

Dallas Cowboys:

Jerry Jones can't stay still:

Sacramento Kings:

Milwaukee Bucks:

Penn State Football:

Michigan Football:

Ohio State Football

Clemson Football:

TCU Football:

Utah Football:

Navy Football:

USF Football:

FAU Football:

Wisconsin Men's Basketball:

Norfolk State Men's Basketball:

BYU Gymnastics:

Borussia Dortmund:

Laurie Hernandez on Dancing With the Stars:

Some teams and organizations are starting to get the fans involved:

Dallas Mavericks:

Kentucky Men's Basketball:

SEC Network:

College GameDay:

The Mannequin Challenge is spreading like wildfire at the high school level, and these are three of the best:

Cypress Woods High School Football (Texas):

Cedar Ridge High School Football (Texas):

Ontario High School Baseball (California):

We have a feeling this list will continue to get updated.

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