Fans Play Imaginary Baseball

In sports nowadays, it seems that there's a constant arms race to find the best equipment necessary to push athletes to the next level.

But two young San Francisco Giants fans showed that as long as you have the proper mindset, all of that external stuff is obsolete.

Check out this video posted to, in which the pair of kids adorably engage in a bit of "imaginary baseball" in the AT&T Park stands Tuesday night:

All you need to have a good time is imagination, and these kids certainly proved that notion. So maybe the inevitable ball-strike disagreement was cut out of the MLB's video footage – but it's not truly a game if there's not at least some conflict, after all.

Unfortunately, the young fans couldn't spark their hometown team to a victory. The Giants fell 7-3 to the Astros, which shrunk their N.L. West lead on the Dodgers to five games.

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