John Cena Makes Fan's Day

WWE has seen some controversy in recent years regarding the leveraging of legitimate issues into its storylines – but here's one example of how it can incorporate something 100 percent real without any complaints.

On Monday Night Raw, 12-time WWE heavyweight champion John Cena took center stage yet again, but he wasn't in the spotlight for his wrestling skills this time. He brought a young fan named Issac, recently declared free of pediatric cancer, to accompany him in the ring. Cena then made the child's day by giving an inspirational speech about Issac's resilience before enlisting the help of the rowdy crowd to give the fan a taste of the true "superstar experience" – being serenaded by the passionate cheers of thousands of people.

The entire sequence was captured in this video posted to the WWE's Twitter account:

"Every once in a while, we get to roll into town and we get to meet some truly, truly extraordinary folks – I mean true warriors," Cena says to the crowd. "I always preach the motto to 'never give up.' It's one thing to talk about it, but it's another thing to do it ... and I'm glad he chose to not give up, because after two years in that battle, Issac is cancer-free."

A great gesture from Cena and the entire WWE, as both the young child and crowd were clearly in awe at the superstar's efforts. For Cena, Issac, and the fans in attendance, it's hard to ask for a better way to celebrate Independence Day.

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