The Casey Anthony murder trial in Florida soaked up massive amounts of media coverage, and when the not-guilty verdict came in Tuesday, it seemed just about everybody had an opinion, including athletes through their Twitter accounts:

Kawika Mitchell (Saints linebacker)
"The prosecutors and jury may have got it wrong but their vision is limited. God knows. Good luck w/ that trial lil lady"

Chris Harris (Bears safety)
"This was a case that was all circumstantial. Not saying I agree with verdict but just bc someone is a liar doesn't mean they're a murderer"

Jay Feely (Cardinals kicker)
"If you buy a book or watch a movie about Casey Anthony or the trial, shame on you"

Jason Grilli (Phillies pitcher)
"Injustice was done today in #caseyanthonycase. All this does is make me want to love and protect my son more! ..."

Darnell Dockett (Cardinals defensive tackle)
"Mann if my son was missing for 31minutes forget 31days I'm gonna tear some sh*t up. I'd go crazy if my son was missing! OFF THE HOOK CRAZY!"

Mike Commodore (Red Wings defenseman)
"Seeing all this "Casey Anthony" stuff on twitter....don't watch tv so I had read up...not guilty seems absurd."

Mike Commodore (Red Wings defenseman)
"Laughing?? not good. Even OJ didn't laugh. RT @BrittanyBeansss: @commie22 she was even laughing after they announced the verdict"

Matt Ware (Cardinals safety)
"@ddockett exactly!!! I guess no one learned any kind of math up in there..cause it doesn't add up smh"

Von Miller (Broncos linebacker)
"The world is coming to a end.. I can't believe she is #notguilty Smh.."

Jared Dudley (Suns forward)
"RT @thatscrazy7: There was no winner in the Casey Anthony case... just a lost~ of an innocent child. Guilty parties will be Judged #Godknows"

Jared Dudley (Suns forward)
"RT @AlexKennedyNBA:She said she's dying her hair, changing her name and moving. She doesn't need a job, she has $10+ million book deal."

Ashley Battle (WNBA forward)
"so i just think after the casey anthony trial a trial on steroids just seem comical"

Webb Simpson (PGA golfer)
"RT @mikedonehey: One day, God will pour out justice on Casey Anthony. Or Christ will bear it for her. And so it is with all of us."

Keith Bulluck (Giants linebacker)
"So what did happen 2 Caylee?"

And then there were those who tried to take a lighter approach:

Mike Commodore (Red Wings defenseman)
"Who was in charge of prosecuting Casey Anthony? This dude? Stay hot Florida."

Michael Neal (Packers defensive tackle)
"Yall think Casey Anthony hopped in the car and turn on Michael Jackson's - Smooth Criminal????"

Darnell Dockett (Cardinals defensive tackle)
"Ok.......... This is my que!!! Its def time for me to go to bed after looking at this pick!! FML!!"

Chad Ochocinco (Bengals receiver)
"Not sure where this picture was but at what point were OJ Simpson and Casey Anthony dating let alone friends? "

Then five minutes later ...

Chad Ochocinco (Bengals receiver)
"Okay whoever sent me that picture of OJ and Casey Anthony that wasn't nice. Could've told me it was photoshopped.I thought it was real ..."