Amare Stoudemire
"The NY economy is up 15%. The Knicks are now the most Valuable team N the NBA up 12%. I'm very great full 2 help the NYK & State."

How I See It: ... And when the NYC economy is up, the entire country's economy is up. And when the United States' economy is up, the entire world's economy is up. Did Amare Stoudemire just save the global recession? Imagine if LeBron signed with the Knicks ...

Yao Ming
"Its an honor to be voted as a starter for the All-Star Game. I would like to thank everyone who has supported me as I continue to rehab"

How I See It: Of course we wouldn't overlook your 10.2 PPG and 5.4 RPG in five games, Yao!

Mo Williams
"I need that"

How I See It: Need what? A win?

Mark Sanchez
"Celebrating grandma's 94th B Day. And yes...there is a 9 piece mariachi band. @nickmangold jealous that they're serving Mexican Chardonnay"

How I See It: Do you wipe boogers on her too?

Kim Clijsters
"@serenawilliams Thanks Serena! Come back soon , we need some fun in lockerroom! Take care x"

How I See It: In other words, Serena, come back because the rest of the tour sucks and Kim needs some legit competition.

Reggie Miller
"How far can the Knicks go in the playoffs??"

How I See It: As long as nobody scores eight points in 16.4 seconds against them, pretty darn far.

Scottie Pippen
"I've got the best and finest assistant ever- my wife @larsapippen"

How I See It: Jordan said the same thing back in the 90s, but he was talking about a different Pippen.

Darren Sharper
"I wil give you guys my pick for super bowl winner before kickoff. Stay tuned. If I'm wrong, the first 50 retweets of my pick will get...."

How I See It: Just remember, Greg Jennings has the Packers on his back.

Ryan Grant
"The NHL All-Star Game is tonight on VERSUS. Be sure to check it out! #endorser"

How I See It: My guess is that most of your teammates are fired up for the Super Bowl, but if that was how the injured Packers spent their pre-Super Bowl weekend, hope you guys had fun.

LeBron James
"The homie @BowWow killed that 6 Foot 7 Foot freestyle. Hometown stand up!"

How I See It: Hometown stand up? Oh yeah, 'cause northern Ohio is really in the mood for this right now.