Louie Vito
"Bout to set a new personal record of 6 sushi rolls. I know no one cares but I'm stoked ha"

How I See It: I guess all the dead fish in the Arkansas River have to go somewhere.

Martellus Bennett
"Working on that stewie painting I was talking about should be dope"

How I See It: Introducing the future Vincent Van Gogh. Let's hope Bennett keeps both his ears.

Christina Kim
"@jeehaeda hahaha, you're so silly. And pretty. And smart. And you smell nice. Can I touch your hair?"

How I See It: Christina Kim schools us on how to flirt, Twitter-style.

Logan Morrison
"Just went to the bathroom. Washed my hands & licked the suds. Nope. Not for me."

How I See It: Uhh, are suds for anyone?!

Reggie Evans
"I am going to walk up to somebody and give them ticket for the game 2morrow."

How I See It: No one wants to go to a Toronto Raptors game. Not even for free.

Andre Reed
"RT: @Lindsey_012 is it going to be in all Wegmans?>>>> If its not at a store near you... please request that they carry it!!!!"

How I See It: With the addition of Reed's "special sauce" the best supermarket just got a little better. Gosh, I miss Wegmans.