Among iconic football underdogs whose stories made it to the big screen, two of the biggest stars are Vince Papale from "Invincible" and Notre Dame's Rudy Ruettiger, the patron saint of walk-ons. Within this community, they bust chops as Papale did recently at a Thuzio event in Philadelphia.

"Rudy, I mean, come on, man, one tackle, gimme a break," Papale said with a laugh. "Rudy, Rudy, Rudy, yeah, Rudy this. 

"Now Rudy knows I do that. He was in Lancaster yesterday. Rudy knows. We're good buddies."

Mark Walhberg played Papale in "Invincible," which was released in 2006. Papale was a college track star who played semi-pro football and made it with his hometown Philadelphia Eagles as a 30-year-old rookie.

Sean Astin played Ruettiger in "Rudy," which was released in 1993. Ruettiger was an undersized walk-on who finally got on the field for three plays at the end of the final game his senior season and recorded a sack.

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