If you could bet on one athlete who might win an Oscar for acting someday, the smart pick would be Eddie George. He has appeared in a few movies already, but more importantly, he is a serious student of the craft. George's credits include stage work as Julius Caesar and Othello at the Nashville Shakespeare Festival and the role of Billy Flynn in "Chicago" on Broadway.

George has cited advice from Whoopi Goldberg about honing his skills as a performer in live theater: "If you want to be a superstar or movie star, you go to L.A. But if you want to be an actor, you can do it anywhere. You can go in your community and be an actor there."

We asked George, a Heisman winner and Pro Bowl running back, for his favorite sports movie, and he goes with an Olympic story, but it's not "Miracle." Check out the video above for details, which also features his pick of "Remember The Titans" as the movie with the most realistic football game action and the Netflix offering that has him captivated.