Simone Manuel, Penny Oleksiak, Moms

Ties are supposed to suck. But on Thursday, one tie felt right. American Simone Manuel and Canadian Penny Oleksiak touched the wall at the same time in the 100-meter freestyle final. They set a co-Olympic record at 52.70 seconds.

And they made history. Manuel became the first African-American woman to win a swimming gold medal. Oleksiak, 16, became the first Olympic gold medalist born in the new millennium.

Manuel and Oleksiak embraced in the pool, shared the podium and listened to each other's anthems. Guess who else loved it: their moms.

In the heat of Olympic competition, this is a beautiful moment between the United States and our friends to the north. Two Moms celebrated their amazing daughters together, even though each other's children could have knocked the other to the side of the podium by being a split second quicker.

In case you missed it, here's the race:

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