Lolo Jones has already been to two Olympics for hurdles -- 2008 and 2012 -- and one for bobsledding -- 2014. Injuries forced Jones to withdraw from qualification for the 2016 Summer Games, but that gave her a headstart for 2018.

So at this point, is Jones more of a hurdler or bobsledder?

"I'm definitely more of a bobsledder," Jones says. "I have gained over 25 pounds since track and field ... I'm wearing a size large, so I notice it. Well, curves are in, right? So I'm definitely more of a bobsled athlete right now."

In 2013 while training for Sochi, Jones said she shifted from a track weight of 133 pounds to a bobsled weight of 157 pounds.

Lolo Jones, Elana Meyers Taylor

Jones, 35, has spent much of the past couple years training at LSU, her alma mater. Being a warm-weather city, Baton Rouge is a surprisingly suitable home for a bobsledder.

"Just because I'm hoping to meet Odell," Jones says with laugh on training at LSU. "No, I know Odell. It's cool because what's great about LSU and training there is that we have a really good alumni support. There are a lot of Olympic athletes that train there and a ton of NFL players that come back, and we don't really have a good basketball team, so we only have a few NBA players that come back, but Ben Simmons is not one of 'em!"

Of course, Jones also has the keys to the three U.S. Olympic Training Centers in Lake Placid, Colorado Springs and Chula Vista. She's posted some recent social media content from Lake Placid.

In 2014 in Sochi, Jones and teammate Jazmine Fenlator finished 11th in two-women bobsleigh. The two other American teams finished with silver and bronze.

Despite being in three Olympics, Jones has never won a medal. Jones was famously leading the 100-meter hurdles final at the 2008 Olympics when she clipped the second-to-last hurdle and fell off the medal stand.

Jones spoke to ThePostGame at Team USA's "100 Days Out" media event in Times Square on Nov. 1. While in New York City, she also took some time to train with Colin Kaepernick.

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