It's become a memorable storyline from the 2018 Olympics. Red Gerard's family was apparently deep in party mode when he won his gold medal.

"I'd say sober amount of hours were not good," the 17-year-old snowboarder tells ThePostGame.

While riding on a bus to the slopestyle venue in PyeongChang, Gerard got checked his phone around 7:30 a.m.

"I see a Snapchat of them just putting their thumbs through cans," Gerard says with a laugh.

A total of 17 other family members made the trip to the Olympics to cheer Gerard. While other Olympians may feel tight with their family's presence, Gerard was loosened up by his family's raging.

"I was psyched," Gerard says. "They're having a great time, making the most of it."

Gerard's hectic Olympic schedule took him from PyeongChang to the United States, back to PyeongChang for Big Air, which he finished fifth in. Finally, after the Olympics, Gerard came to New York City for one more media tour. He spoke to ThePostGame on behalf of Mountain Dew.

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