Joe Biden, Carson Wentz, Barack Obama

Joe Biden loves to show his excitement. After one NFL weekend, he is already gushing to the president about Eagles rookie Carson Wentz.

"He told me, 'Barack, you got to get on the Wentz Wagon,' " President Obama said while campaigning for Hillary Clinton in Philadelphia. "We got a new quarterback. We got hope in Philly."

Biden was born in Scranton, Pennsylvania, and moved to Northern Delaware as a child. The vice president has maintained a strong Philadelphia sports fandom his entire political life. He attended Sunday's Eagles-Browns game, helping hold a large American flag on Lincoln Financial Field during the national anthem. The Eagles won, 29-10, behind 278 passing yards and two touchdowns by Wentz.

Obama usually wants to align his beliefs with Biden. But this week is no time to root for the Eagles.

"I had to explain, Joe, I am a Bears fan," Obama went on to say. "And we play Philly next Monday night, so I got to stick with my team, but I am gonna go to Philly and scout out what all the fuss is about."

Notice Obama getting booed in the video when he mentions his Bears allegiance. There is nothing more Philly than Democratic supporters booing the Democratic president while campaigning for a Democratic candidate because he is rooting against the Eagles.

The Bears and Eagles play on Monday Night Football at Soldier Field in Chicago.

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