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Richard Branson, Mary Wittenberg

Richard Branson is about to invade the United States with his newest idea, and ThePostGame has a sneak peek. Mary Wittenberg is the CEO of Virgin Sport, a company developed in 2015 under the Virgin umbrella that plans to host health and fitness festivals around the world. It started with two events in the United Kingdom, and now shifts its focus to the United States, where San Francisco takes a turn, Oct. 14-15. The weekend will feature a half marathon and celebrate the culture of the Bay Area.

Wittenberg was president and CEO of New York Road Runners from 2005-2015. (She started with NYRR in 1998). Branson and Wittenberg had never met before he was encouraged to hire her as Virgin Sport's first CEO. Recently, she joined ThePostGame Podcast With Jeff Eisenband for a discussion on the creation of Virgin Sport, Richard Branson's vision for the San Francisco event and if Barack Obama could be a potential runner for a future festival.

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Virgin Sport CEO and former NYRR CEO Mary Wittenberg talks with Jeff Eisenband about being Chief Exercise Officer for Richard Branson's new company and bringing an event to San Francisco (2:05), watching New York Road Runners grow over two decades (12:05), how she met Branson (16:20) and the fitness of Branson and Barack Obama (22:58).

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