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Jay Cutler, Greg Olsen

Jay Cutler (and his bare butt) are moving from the football field to TV. After 11 NFL seasons with the Broncos and Bears, Cutler, 34, was hired as a commentator by Fox Sports in May.

His former Chicago teammate, tight end Greg Olsen, expects Cutler to exceed expectations as a game analyst.

"I think everyone's situation is very unique and different," says Olsen, who played for the Bears n 2009 and 2010 before leaving for the Panthers. "I think for him, it was such a great opportunity at Fox ... A very seamless transition to his post-career plans is a wonderful opportunity. I think he's going to do well at it. I think Jay was always underappreciated for how good he was. I think he's going to show a lot of people a different side of him now as a broadcaster."

While Olsen had made three consecutive Pro Bowls and his production in terms of receiving yards has blossomed with Cam Newton as his quarterback, his career-high of eight touchdowns came in 2009 season with Cutler. During that time, Olsen learned Cutler has a deeper grasp of the game than his in-game faces may suggest.

"He's going to be very sharp," Olsen says. "I think he's going to be intelligent. He can be a very interesting and engaging person when you actually sit and listen to what he has to say. He knows the game of football very well, he's very articulate. I think he's going to do a good job being able to kind of get his knowledge very easily from the broadcast to the homes of the people watching and then be able to kind of absorb everything that he's throwing. I think people are going to enjoy him. I think everyone's anxious to see him in action. I think he's going to do well."

Olsen, 32, says he and Cutler keep and touch "here and there" and that Cutler is a guy Olsen has "always enjoyed" his time with.

Olsen spoke to ThePostGame on behalf of M&M'S Caramel, which is launching a series titled, "Riding with Kyle Busch." It features the NASCAR driver motoring around residential neighborhoods with celebrities such as Olsen.

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