The Rock Responds To Tom Brady

Tom Brady decided to hype his new high-tech pajamas with a creative invitation for his fellow Under Armour star Dwayne Johnson to test them out. This involved Brady doing an impression of The Rock's wrestling catchphrase and posting the video of it on Facebook.

The good news for Brady? The Rock says he will give the jammies a try. But first he laid down some serious smack on the video's production quality and the quarterback's theatrical chops. In a video of his own, The Rock responded with lines like ...

-- "Who the **** directed that? A Jets fan?"

-- "You're sitting on some rocks, which is guess is supposed to be profound, because my name is The Rock, and your legs are open like Kermit the Frog."

-- "Leave the acting to me."

He also mentioned that wearing pajamas isn't really his style.

"Usually I sleep in the buff," The Rock says. "A little too much information. I get it."

Brady and Johnson appear to be good friends beyond their Under Armour connection, which lends itself to such quality roasting.

Johnson also took the opportunity near the end of the video to pump up a business interest of his own, the upcoming Baywatch movie. Shrewd.