Tom Brady, Dwayne (The Rock) Johnson

Now that Tom Brady has unveiled his fancy-schmacy, high-tech pajamas, he needs to do some marketing for them. One of Brady's first moves was pretty bold: Promising some product for his fellow Under Armour superstar Dwayne Johnson by doing an impression of The Rock's classic wrestling promo line:

"Hey, Rock. What kind of sleepwear you sleeping in? It doesn't matter what kind of sleepwear you're sleeping in!"

It would have been even better if Brady called The Rock a candy ass if he doesn't try the gear officially known Athlete Recovery Sleepwear, but still fun to see the quarterback cut loose.

Brady has used Facebook to connect with other Under Armour athletes in the past year. During the Olympics, he gave a good-luck shoutout to Michael Phelps. In June, he offered some support to Stephen Curry, after one of the NBA MVP's signature shoes was mocked for having a style best suited for senior citizens.