Danny Amendola, Julian Edelman

Julian Edelman's YouTube channel is a thing of beauty. In the last year, he's posted a hype video narrated by a Patrick Henry script, a parody of him as a car salesman and a workout reel in Israel.

But Edelman's post on Tuesday may be his best yet. He and Danny Amendola star in a parody of Cops.

Amendola -- starring as Lieutenant Dan "Dale" Amendola -- and Edelman, who plays Sergeant Julian "Skip" Edelman, are two Boston police officers keeping crime off the streets. However, their laziness results in spending most of the day gambling, playing ping-pong, riding shopping carts, grilling burgers, swimming in the pool, driving around in a Rolls-Royce and other hijinks. The officers mostly result to communicating by radio even when sitting next to each other.

Edelman asks Amendola, "Do you ever notice that Boston looks a lot like Southern California?" So, yeah...this was filmed in Los Angeles, not Boston.


Los Angeles

In the credits, Edelman gives credit to executive producers Robert Kraft, Jonathan Kraft and Danny Kraft. No credit is given to Tom Brady, who turned both these men into Super Bowl champions.

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