Since Tom Brady became a free man last week, the Patriots have pretty much been trolling the NFL. After a report asserting that Spygate went deeper previously believed, the world now knows the Patriots might have been trolling us all for even longer than we thought.

The next card played is by Julian Edelman. The wide receiver released a Patriots 2015 hype video featuring narration from founding father Patrick Henry (his writing, not his actual voice).

Tom Brady has liberty, not death, and of course, the first player shown is Brady.

Edelman had a monster Super Bowl, catching nine passes for 109 receiving yards and the touchdown that stood as the game-winning play.

Edelman also took a monster hit from Seahawks safety Kam Chancellor that left him woozy in the fourth quarter. The Patriots claim he passed concussion tests before reentering the game (and scoring the game-winning touchdown), but there is no doubt he stumbled around in the final minutes.

Julian Edelman Spike

To quote Bill Simmons in his Super Bowl diary, Edelman thought his name was "Julius" late in the fourth quarter and he was a "possibly groggy Super Bowl hero."

Take that as you will when Edelman shows his pump-up speech late in this video.

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