During Super Bowl LII, Busta Rhymes will be part of a loaded Super Bowl commercial cast. Missy Elliott, Morgan Freeman, Peter Dinklage and he will star in a spot for Doritos Blaze and Mountain Dew Ice.

But Busta Rhymes' decision to be part of this commercial was about more than just a payday from Pepsico. It was about the culture.

"Super big up to Pepsi and Doritos and Mountain Dew just for providing a platform for something to be created that could properly represent the culture of hip-hop music in this dynamic and in this fashion, especially in a time where we have definitely been seeing a lot of misrepresentation of culture from a corporate side," Rhymes says.

"We've all seen and heard the shenanigans with H&M and a few other corporations in the past. For me, it's just important if you're gonna mess with culture, which is a way of life, please make a conscious effort to properly represent the culture because this is not just something that you utilize as a tool to sell the product. You are also making sure that you represent a people and a way of life, not even a lifestyle, a way to live. It is a direct reflection of the great people that have come to create the amaziness that exists, especially in this country because the United States isn't a country that's able to be as great without the proper representation of these cultures."

The commercial is a rap battle between Dinklage (coached by Rhymes) and Freeman (coached by Elliott). Dinklage and Rhymes rep the Doritos Blaze side while Freeman and Elliott wear Mountain Dew Ice on their sleeve.

"I get the opportunity to really teach and school Peter Dinklage and give my man Peter Dinklage the guidance on how to be a real lyricist, surgical with it," Rhymes says. "And then Missy Elliott has the phenomenal opportunity to guide and coach the incredible Morgan Freeman, so he could become a surgical lyricist, as well. The only difference is, this is a real rap battle, and at the end of the day, there's only one crown holder. I hope you're smart enough to pick the right side to be on.

"Missy, I love you, but you gonna take this L. Morgan Freeman, you're gonna take this L. You can wear this L like a big ol' loser."

In related news, Rhymes recently came out with a new single, "Get It," featuring Kelly Rowland and Missy Elliott. So after this ad runs, Rhymes will be back to playing nice with Elliott. He also says he has an album -- with no title yet -- coming out in 2018.

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