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Busta Rhymes, Crystal Pepsi

Crystal Pepsi debuted April 12, 1992. Giancarlo Stanton was 2. Jake Lamb was 1. Aaron Judge would not be born for another 14 days. It's highly unlikely any of them remember the clear cola's original run.

Now they are starring for MLB teams that are hosting promotional events for its revival. On Aug. 1 in The Bronx, Pepsi opened its "Crystal Pepsi Throwback Tour" with a pregame concert featuring Busta Rhymes when the Yankees faced the Tigers. It was part of a three-city, 90s-nostalgia tour that goes to Phoenix and Miami. After the Diamondbacks' Aug. 11 game vs. the Cubs (which also happens to be "90s Night" at the park), Crystal Pepsi will host a street party, headlined by Sugar Ray's Mark McGrath, outside Chase Field. On Aug. 13, Salt-N-Pepa will throw out the ceremonial first pitch at Marlins Park and then perform after the Marlins take on the Rockies.

"We've always leveraged baseball to amplify what we're doing with the brand if you look back last summer with the emojis and before that, Real Big Summer," says Melissa Duhaime, senior marketing manager of Pepsi Sports. "Baseball's really helped us elevatate what we're doing across the summer platform.

"We've always been looking for ways to bring music and sports together and we've had a lot of success with that. Bringing music to fans, as well as the excitement around baseball, has just been great for us."

Pepsi says this revival of Crystal Pepsi is the "last return" for the clear cola. Starting Aug. 14, after the third and final MLB concert, the drink will be available in 20-ounce bottles for a suggested retail of $1.79.

"Anyone who kind of grew up in the 90s and is involved in 90s pop culture, has heard of and tried Crystal Pepsi," Duhaime says. "Pepsi fans and our consumers are constantly asking about Crystal Pepsi. No matter how many different products we come out with, there's always a person's who's like, 'This is great, but when can we get Crystal Pepsi again?'"

As part of the campaign, Pepsi is also bringing shirts that says, "See You At The Mall," "Word," "Page Me" and "Jinx! You owe me a Crystal Pepsi" across the country. And of course, Crystal Pepsi-themed fanny packs will be part of the pop-up experience.

Other than a limited release in summer 2016, this is the first time in 23 years Crystal Pepsi is available. But before it hit stores, the throwback beverage will finish its stadium tour this weekend in two of MLB's warmest cities.

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